Dr. T, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Tracy Thomas is the founder, creator, and clinical director of Dr. Tracy Inc.©, The Live Your Potential Academy©, The Next Level Live Program©, The Dr. T Solution©, The Addiction Recovery Academy©, and the world’s first Emotional Strength Training Center©.

As the world’s first Emotional Scientist, Dr. T has built the most extensive emotional training portfolio in the world, and her comprehensive programs are designed for helping highly driven, emotionally sensitive people elevate their lives from the struggles with reactivity. Dr. T is also a licensed psychologist, an interventionist, a recovery strategist, and a performance coach. She’s helped hundreds of struggling clients, fully recover from complex emotional and behavioral conditions and completely remove them from their lives.

Dr. T knows people and knows how to get results. As a Clinician, Coach, Speaker, Consultant, and Strategist, she turns her clients into leaders who take charge of their own lives and change the very way they exist. Dr. T is passionate about changing the way clients recover themselves from emotional and behavioral disorders, so they can experience their full potential.

She’s driven every day to bring relief as well as the capacity for emotional and behavioral mastery to struggling people everywhere. In addition to running her national company Dr. Tracy Inc.©, Dr. T has worked with top executives, leaders, professionals, and celebrities, equipping them with the emotional strength they need to succeed. She’s been published and cited in hundreds of national magazines for her unique approach to mastering life’s twists and turns, and her book, The Method, The Practical Path to Living Your Purpose and Potential© became a national best seller.

Bruce McGovert

Director of Program Planning and Operations

Bruce brings to The Dr. Tracy Inc© team over 30 years of professional dedication to creating every facet of a client’s success story, helping each of them have the tools and services they need to be able to transform into the most elevated version of themselves.

As Director of Program Planning and Operations, Bruce brings his vast expertise in operations management, implementation and design, to create an elevated client experience every time.

Bruce’s passion for everyday excellence supports Dr. T’s vision for elevating highly driven emotionally sensitive people through a concrete methodology that transforms people’s lives for the better. When you enroll in any one of Dr. Tracy Inc.’s© programs, you can rest assured that every facet of your experience will be geared to a results-oriented approach that will have you coming away expressing immense satisfaction every step of the way.

Coach Christina Ray

Emotional Sensitivity Coach

Christina Ray is a Life Coach who is passionate about sharing tools and processes that empower people to create their lives with love, joy, and purpose. Certified as an Intuitive Life Coach, as well as in several other emotional well-being modalities, Christina has spent her life gathering and utilizing tools for emotional healing and self-empowerment. With an abundance of resources she has helped many people release shame and rise out of despair in order to be able to thrive in a healthy relationship with themselves and begin to create a life they are excited to live.

The Dr. T. program has been the greatest source of healing and progress for Christina and she is very excited to share it with others as she guides them through the process of strengthening their emotional conditioning and living their full purpose and potential.

Growing up in a struggling single parent home with her 3 siblings, Christina experienced many situations which taught her the necessity of clear and healthy communication in relationships, the importance of honoring personal boundaries and individual life paths, and so much more.

She studied psychology and communications and began to explore alternative modalities to health and healing beyond standard talk therapy and medication.

After getting married and having her 1st child, she quickly saw her need for help with her own problem patterns. Her search led her to try many different avenues of therapy. She has trained and certified in several modalities that furthered her learning about human behavior, addiction mentality, the mind-body connection, and relationship dynamics. Her relationships have provided a constant learning environment for her about family behavioral patterns and emotional/mental coping skills.

Her search for what works led her to explore counseling, kinesiology, energy work, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, meditation, herbs and diet, and many more modalities.

While benefiting from each of these in some way, the search continued.

Working with Dr. T., and applying The Method has brought incredible growth and awareness to her life that could not be accessed previously on a consistent basis. Christina has been able to quickly experience the power of letting go of old patterns and processes that were keeping her stuck and instead create a life she loves living, with healthy relationships that are joyful and fulfilling.

She now lives free of anxiety, depression, and addiction. She has peace about being bisexual, is happily strengthening her marriage with her husband, enjoys being with her 3 children as she homeschools them, supporting them as they discover their own unique journeys. She also lives her passion of sharing insights and tools with others who are seeking to step out of old patterns and habits, release toxic guilt and shame, strengthen their emotional capacity, and own their power to create their lives as they choose.

Coach Stephanie Bogue

Emotional Sensitivity Coach

Stephanie Bogue is an Emotional Sensitivity Coach who is dedicated to helping Emotionally Sensitive, highly-driven people live to their fullest potential.

As an Emotionally Sensitive creative artist, an empowered entrepreneur and a leader, she has elevated every organization she’s contributed to with excellence.

Coach Stephanie’s extensive background has made her exceptional at supporting highly-driven, Emotionally Sensitive people who want to elevate themselves from the struggle of Emotional Sensitivity— a struggle Stephanie knows personally.

Through our emotional training programs, she experienced remarkable results that upgraded every area of her life. Conquering anxiety, depression and ADD, she was fiercely determined to become one of Dr. T’s famous success stories.

Deciding that failure wasn’t an option, she replaced her reactions with a rock-solid emotional foundation, crediting her collaboration with Dr. T as revolutionary. Now, she’s a beacon of inspiration to others; showing them that it’s possible to rise above the devastation that Emotional Sensitivity can cause.

Today, she passionately advocates for new clients. She leads them through consultations and skillfully determines the services and resources they need to succeed. Coach Stephanie is also a committed wife to an incredible husband, a devoted family member, and a purpose-driven leader, who’s emotional strength is the gift she gives to everyone she meets.

As one of the most empowered clients to ever graduate from Dr. T’s emotional training programs, Stephanie now leads Dr. T’s Emotional Strength Training online community to daily transformations with outstanding leadership. She combines her brilliant creative talents with Dr. T’s emotional training, supporting Emotionally Sensitive people into an Elevated Life.

By channeling her emotional superpowers, Coach Stephanie is an inspiring, uplifting champion for Emotionally Sensitive, highly-driven, creative people everywhere.

Coach Denise HeJNa

Emotional Sensitivity Coach

Denise Hejna is an Emotional Sensitivity Coach who’s a powerhouse leader in the areas of personal growth and development. In her ongoing pursuit of excellence, she has personally trained under the world’s top coaches, including Dr. T.

As a supercharged, highly-trained emotional expert and a lifestyle specialist, Denise helps clients create the total package for their lives. She is an amazing asset to our team and our brilliant clients, Transcending the struggles that often appear with Emotional Sensitivity, she now uses her emotional gifts and comprehensive skillset to change people’s lives on every level.

With years of experience coaching clients through every type of human challenge, Denise’s influence and artistry has revolutionized her clients’ lives from the inside outward and the outside in. Inspiring and encouraging, she knows what it’s like to rise from the wreckage of reactive relationships, and helps others triumph over the same challenges she’s previously faced .

As a single mother, she’s had to lead her family through difficult times which ultimately propelled her to elevate her life and make emotional training her foundation for living.

Coach Denise is also relentlessly committed to seeing people live their full potential, so she helps her clients break through emotional barriers by moving them in the direction of their intentions. Through her extensive emotional expertise and caring, compassionate nature, our clients experience powerful results that transform their entire live.

Coach Denise is highly gifted at guiding people out of their suffering and into the appropriate emotional training program that is perfect for them. Exceptional in every way, Coach Denise stands strong for people as they develop the emotional strength they need to succeed for the rest of their lives.

Coach Jessica Cote

Emotional Sensitivity Coach

Jessica Cote is an Emotional Sensitivity Coach who is dedicated to helping emotionally sensitive, highly-driven people be able to live their full potential. Jessica’s background as an emotionally sensitive artist, an elite athlete, an entrepreneur, and a leader who optimized each of the organizations she’s contributed to, makes her exceptional at supporting other highly-driven, emotionally sensitive people who are looking to elevate themselves from the struggle with emotionally sensitivity, a struggle that Jessica knows all too well. 

Through her journey with anxiety, depression, trauma, an eating disorder, a life threatening addiction, and debilitating health issues, Jessica has always been a beacon of inspiration to other people struggling to recover from the devastation that emotional sensitivity can cause. When Jessica realized that Dr. T could help her with the root cause of her problems, she was fiercely determined to become another one of Dr. T’s success stories. Today, she passionately advocates for new clients, supporting them through their initial consultations, towards the services and resources they need to succeed. 

With failure not an option Jessica replaced her addictions with a rock solid emotional foundation, and credits her collaboration with Dr. T, as nothing short of life saving. As a committed wife to an incredible husband, a devoted family member, and purpose-driven mother of two creative, sensitive daughters, Jessica’s emotional strength is the gift she gives to everyone she meets. 

As one of the most empowered clients that has ever graduated from Dr. T’s emotional training programs, Jessica recognized that she could combine her athletic training, her management training, and Dr. T’s emotional training, to support other emotionally sensitive people into an elevated life. Today, she channels her emotional super powers into leading Dr. T’s emotional strength training community online. Jessica is a champion for emotionally sensitive people everywhere.

Gail Cape RN

Medical Consultant and Integrative Health Coach

As a highly trained Registered Nurse, Coach Gail Cape serves as our emotionally elevated, in-house Medical Consultant. Combining 25 years of medical training and integrative health coaching with her extensive emotional training under Dr. T, Gail embodies everything a health expert should be. Gail’s contributions as a Wellness Leader have elevated the wellbeing of countless clients who have her to thank for their having risen above their chronic and debilitating health conditions. 

Using her experience in Oncology, holistic healing modalities, emotional based theories, energy work, spirituality, diet and nutrition, and apprenticeships with top doctors, Gail’s assisted thousands of clients to achieve optimal levels of wellness in mind, body and spirit. In her quest to alleviate emotional health conditions, including addiction, Gail is trained in holistic addiction recovery and provides thorough assessment of all clinical values, drawing labs and evaluating nutrients, genetics, environmental factors, nutrition, and providing emotional guidance. 

A successful partner of a multimillion-dollar company, Gail fuels her success by bringing out the highest capacity of everyone around her. Yet, as a highly driven, emotionally sensitive person with a ton of responsibility, Gail overcame the emotional chaos she experienced throughout her life, in her pursuit to feel the same kind of success that she created for others along the way. Relentlessly striving to lead her family to emotional stability, she spent years simultaneously supporting others while continuingly seeking a solution for the pain that she endured. 

The years Gail spent as an emotionally sensitive person, where she was captive to the emotions of others, brought her to every kind of healing practitioner she could find, eventually leading her to Dr. T.  programs for emotionally sensitive people. 

By applying Dr. T’s emotional strengthening Method, Gail’s most powerful ‘self’ emerged, elevating every aspect of life as a result. Crediting Dr. T’s profound depth of knowledge, sincerity and compassion, Gail now lives a life of freedom that she never knew existed. Her transformation was so comprehensive that she shifted her multifaceted careers to be able to support Dr. T’ clients through integrative health practices. Now thriving off of the self-awareness and inner peace that she’s achieved with Dr. T., Gail shares both her gifts, as well as Dr. T’s gifts, with everyone that she advises. 

Dr. Patti Weiss

 Ph.D, Neuropsychologist and Analyst

Our team neuropsychologist, Dr. Patricia Weiss, Ph.D. is an expert in testing, analyzing, and diagnosing psychological disorders that can be functional obstacles to reaching your potential. A pioneer in her field, she helps clients to get a clear understanding of their diagnoses and uncovers never before diagnosed disorders that typically inhibit client capacity and full recovery.

The high quality of her work is rooted in the incredible intelligence she possesses and compassionate care she gives. Dr. Weiss uses her natural talent and extensive past experiences to turn background conversations into actionable data sets. Her passion for neuropsychology and analysis lies in the ability to find the root cause and provide a differential diagnosis that can help people get the right mental health and neurological treatment. She provides a detailed report of how the brain works that then informs a patient behavioral or clinical treatment plan.

With a battery of over 30 psychological and neurological tests and her broad experience, Dr. Weiss is pivotal part of The Dr. Tracy Inc.© team, and an incredible source for neuropsychological understanding and cognitive diagnostics.

Marlene Morris

Client Services Manager

As the Dr. Tracy Inc.© Client Services Manager, Marlene is unsurpassed in her client service capacity and her dedication 

making every client experience top notch. Her responsive and strategic support of incoming clients will help you to feel welcome as you embark upon your transformational journey.

Marlene means business when it comes to client satisfaction. She genuinely cares that our clients get the help they need and want, and creates a seamless experience from the moment you book your Consultation Call all the way through the process.

As an essential member of the Dr. Tracy Inc© Team, Marlene is a driving force behind our team, and all that we do to ensure our clients 100% success. Prior to joining the Dr. Tracy Inc© team, Marlene cultivated more than 20-years as a medical practice manager combined with work with several fortune 500 companies in multiple customer/client services roles. She’s also certified in nutrition and personal training. Marlene’s passion to help others is the ideal support to Dr. T’s vision of lasting transformation in people’s lives.


Director of Finance
Frances spent 40 years in the banking industry working for top financial institutions and excelled at the financial facets of running a successful business, she believes in leading by example and managing with presence, respect, and attention to detail – These are the highest contributions she can makes on behalf of our clients. Since she retired from her career, she has re-joined the business world by advising and managing the finances of The Live Your Potential Academy, a company dedicated to providing people with the tools they need to fully recover from emotional and behavioral disorders.


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