Redefining You book


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Time for some introspection. We’ll guide you straight to self-awareness.

Its time to actually get to know your Self, which will be the first step in uncovering your own happiness guide map. Dr. T wants you to look at what you do and how you do it with fascination and curiosity, not judgement. This workbook has been designed to help you explore and understand who you are and discover opportunities to create a life that is authentic and natural to your Self.

It’s time for you to:

  • Understand your Selfwhat are your priorities
  • Why taking care of yourself is important for the people in your life
  • Learn how to manage your day based on your beliefs
  • How to apply your learnings to your day-to-day life

This is the second ebook in the Total Life Reset Manual. If you decide you want to explore the other 6 sections of the TLR manual you will get $5 off from this purchase. Look for your discount code on the last page




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