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We have everything you need to take control of your negative emotions, your self sabotaging behaviors, and your destiny … so you can live your full potential.

Dr. Tracy Thomas Live Your Life to it's Fullest Potential

Dr. T

Founder and CEO

Founder, creator, and clinical director of The Live Your Potential Academy – The most transformational recovery system in the world. Dr. T is a licensed psychologist, an interventionist, a recovery strategist, and a performance coach. She’s helped hundreds of struggling clients, fully recover from complex emotional and behavioral disorders and completely remove them from their lives. Dr. T knows people and knows how to get results. As a Clinician, Coach, Speaker, Consultant, and Strategist, she turns her clients into leaders who take charge of their own lives and change the very way they exist. Dr. T is passionate about changing the way clients recover themselves from emotional and behavioral disorders, so they can experience their full potential. She’s driven every day to bring relief as well as the capacity for emotional and behavioral mastery to suffering people everywhere. In addition to running her national company Dr. Tracy Inc., Dr. T has worked with top executives, leaders, and celebrities, equipping them with the resources to fully recover and live out their potential. She’s been published and cited in over a dozen national magazines for her unique approach to mastering life’s twist and turns, and her new book, The Method: A Practical Path to Your Living Your Purpose and Potential, will be out in early 2018.


Brittany R.

Integrative Health and Success Coach

Coach Brittany is a big picture thinker who loves to plan, organize, and execute visions to help people reach their health & recovery goals. As leader in client services for The Live Your Potential Academy, Brittany combines her clinical and integrative health training with her extensive education in nutrition to provide our clients all of what they need to live vibrantly, happily and free from emotional and behavioral disorders. As a clinically trained health and recovery coach, Brittany loves to be of service by helping to create radical change in people’s lives in the most approachable and inspiring way. She seeks to prove that transformation and personal growth doesn’t have to be painful, but can instead bring feelings of relief, hope, empowerment and motivation by being connected to one’s fullest potential. And we know you’ll love how much coach Brittany contributes to your success.


Charlie V.

Health and Recovery Coach

Coach Charlie holds multiple certifications in the areas of Addiction, Recovery, Integrative Health, Nutrition and Fitness, and lives his purpose of helping people fully recover to the fullest. Charlie is passionate about helping people reach their personal and professional goals both holistically and integratively. There’s no issue too big or too small for Coach Charlie to tackle because he sees any set of client challenges as an opportunity to lead clients to the highest versions of themselves and their lives.

Charlie has worked across a wide variety of client ages partnering with non-profit programs to help educate and prevent drug and alcohol use in adolescence. His work with educational programs has furthered his effectiveness as a recovery coach. His approach to helping clients recover from emotional and behavioral disorders is compassionate, understanding, and patient. In addition to his education and expertise, his personal recovery experience allows him to truly understand what his clients are going through so he can navigate them through anything and everything. With Coach Charlie rooting for you and guiding the way, the path to your potential becomes clear and fun.


Bruce M.

Director of Program Planning and Operations

Bruce brings to The Live Your Potential Academy team over 27 years of professional dedication to creating every facet of a client’s identity, helping each of them transform to be the most authentic version of themselves in the world. How does this fit with recovery from emotional and behavioral issues? As Director of Program Planning and Operations, he now brings that same passion for excellence in support of Dr. T’s vision for complete and lasting recovery following a concrete methodology that transforms people’s lives for the better, recovering their potential. When you enroll at The Live Your Potential Academy, you can rest assured that every facet of your experience will be geared to a results-oriented approach that will have you coming away expressing immense satisfaction every step of the way.



Director of Finances

Frances spent 40 years in the banking industry working for top financial institutions and excelled at the financial facets of running a successful business, she believes in leading by example and managing with presence, respect, and attention to detail – These are the highest contributions she can makes on behalf of our clients. Since she retired from her career, she has re-joined the business world by advising and managing the finances of The Live Your Potential Academy, a company dedicated to providing people with the tools they need to fully recover from emotional and behavioral disorders.


Kristen R.

Behavioral Health and Performance Coach

As The Live Your Potential Academy’s most senior staff, Kristen has served in several key roles: As Director of Client Services; in program development, and; as a clinical coaching trainer working directly under Dr. Tracy Thomas. As a seasoned Behavioral Health Coach, a health recovery expert and a performance facilitator, Kristen has a passion for helping people take ownership of their lives and for their personal and professional happiness. With a broad spectrum of clinical training in a multitude of healing and performance modalities, Kristen brings an incredible range of understanding and intuition to her coaching style. With an addiction recovery specialty as her focus, and a range of experience treating complex mental disorders, Kristen’s background includes extensive study and expertise in both Behavioral Health and Alcohol and Drug Abuse education. Kristen is intimately connected to how mental health disorders and addictions can manifest and create problems for individuals and communities. She's passionate about helping people move into long-term and life-long addiction recovery. On your road to recovery from emotional and behavioral disorders, you can count on Kristen as your go to for many things.


Carla B.

Mindset Coach

Coach Carla is not only an exceptional integrative health coach, but she’s a highly successful leadership and executive coach too. She’s our resident Mindset Coach, keeping clients on track from the beginning of their “Live Your Potential” transformation, to the end. A long-term apprentice to Dr. Tracy, Carla has extensive training and leadership in the Dr. Tracy recovery methodologies and a masterful skill set shaped by years of experience both in the corporate world & in coaching companies and individuals to achieve their personal and business goals! Her black belt is specialized in smashing stories, breaking through beliefs that don’t serve you and aligning a successful psychology with a powerful strategy. Coach Carla will see to it that your transformation from frustration to freedom is as easy, enjoyable, and intentional as it can be.



Neuropsychologist & Analyst

Our team neuropsychologist, Dr. Patricia Weiss, Ph.D. is an expert in testing, analyzing, and diagnosing psychological disorders that can be functional obstacles to reaching your potential. A pioneer in her field, she helps clients to get a clear understanding of their diagnoses and uncovers never before diagnosed disorders that typically inhibit client capacity and full recovery. The high quality of her work is rooted in the incredible intelligence she possesses and compassionate care she gives. Dr. Weiss uses her natural talent and extensive past experiences to turn background conversations into actionable data sets. Her passion for neuropsychology and analysis lies in the ability to find the root cause and provide a differential diagnosis that can help people get the right mental health and neurological treatment. She provides a detailed report of how the brain works that then informs a patient behavioral or clinical treatment plan. With a battery of over 30 psychological and neurological tests and her broad experience, Dr. Weiss is pivotal part of The Live Your Potential team, and an incredible source for neuropsychological understanding and cognitive diagnostics.



Transpersonal Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Popescu is a licensed clinical psychologist and a transformational recovery coach with over 20 years of leadership in the addiction recovery field. With an emphasis in Transpersonal and Energy Psychology, Dr. Popescu takes a holistic approach to emotional and behavioral issues, guiding clients to strategically self-actualize and reach their potential. As a clinical director to top treatment centers, she learned that it’s essential to integrate an array of healing methodologies that cover the bio-psycho- social-spiritual spectrum in order to facilitate rapid, optimal, and sustainable results. Dr. Popescu is a certified hypnotherapist, Access Consciousness® Facilitator, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) Practitioner, and “designated trainer” of, BSFF (Be Set Free Fast) technique. She strengthens clients through Energy Psychology, a powerful set of transformative tools that eliminates the deep-rooted causes of suffering and distress. An expert across a range of interventions, Dr. Popsescu delivers outstanding results in clients who have previously proven resistant to clinical treatment. She is a Professor of Chemical Dependency Studies at California State University, and a successful author.