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While some clients prefer to keep their personal journey of transformation a more private experience

...some of them love to share...

Dr. Tracy is a human pain-killer. She not only helped me stop taking pain-killers, she taught me to become my own.



Dr. Tracy is a truly gifted practitioner. Her leadership is off the charts insightful, practical, and ultimately magical. At the worst time of my life when all hope was lost, she helped me recover from addiction, recover my career, and recover the potential that I would've never fulfilled. I feel lucky that I was able to have Dr. Tracy as my therapist, recovery coach, and my lifesaver.


Professional Athlete

Dr. Tracy is a tremendous wealth of knowledge and has mind-blowing insight into our struggles that we cannot see for ourselves. She uncovers hidden obstacles to your health and success and offers practical solutions to help you transform your life, fully recover, and live your life's potential.


Film Industry

Dr. Tracy is a genius psychologist who is always looking at the big questions in life and finding the answers for all of us. She takes your high level thoughts and impressions and helps you bring them down to earth to understand them and to see a new perspective. She is constantly working on herself as well, so you feel as if you’re in this together. I admire and respect her continuous drive and motivation, but mostly appreciate the kindness and sense of humor that she brings to all of her relationships.


VP of Human Resources

Dr. T is not only incredibly thoughtful, she is supportively direct while being such a sweetheart. As a Mom, I feel the depth of gratitude that she has for me as I’ve tried to support my daughter’s recovery. I have an immense gratitude for how wonderfully lifesaving she’s been at supporting my daughter through her recovery journey as well as supporting me through mine as her Mom. I cannot thank her enough for moving my daughter in the right direction by helping her with the root of her issues and the comprehensive way she’s guided my daughter out of the “spin cycle” she's been in for years. My daughter has truly progressed to a new chapter in her life chapter where things have definitely improved and gotten on on the right track in more ways than I could imagine, and in more ways than ever before. She's acting like my daughter of long ago, and I know because of Dr. T’s program, my daughter will never go back to that “black hole” again. I am astonished at all that Dr. T’s team has done for my daughter, and I will be eternally grateful to Dr. T for giving me my daughter back. I wish all of Team Dr. T continued success with their purpose-driven business, as they certainly have the right formula to help so many needy people out there.


Mother of Client

Tracy is highly influential with the edge that is needed to produce recovery out of sheer chaos. My daughter used to steamroll over everyone else. I recommend Tracy to families who are willing to put themselves in her talented hands and follow the recovery plan she has for everyone involved. Failure is not an option for Tracy, so you can count on her if she can count on you. My daughter is fully recovered from a 7 year, multiple rehab odyssey, and now I’m the proud father of a full fledged, highly employed, recovery coach. I am often asked for advice from other “addicted families” and the answer is always, “call Tracy.”


Self Employed

Dealing with my daughter’s heroin addiction for over 10 years, I began planning her funeral and letting her go. Tracy helped me see that closing the casket when there had never been a real recovery strategy was premature. She encouraged me to follow her plan to the letter and give it one more shot because my little girl deserved a real chance. Today Carrie is recovered, working towards a degree in communications, finally dating a good guy, and is reunited with her brother and her nephew. Now we do normal family things like normal people. It’s a dream come true.


Real Estate Developer

Getting to work with Dr. Tracy is the reason I’m recovered today. Thanks to her, my relationship with EVERYTHING is more effortless, and it turns out I’m not a defective person after all. I was able to stop abusing myself with alcohol drugs, people, food, and work. I left an abusive marriage, remarried the love of my life, rebuilt my practice to new heights, and created a life I don’t need to escape from. To say Dr. Tracy was pivotal to my recovery is an understatement. She has been instrumental in turning everything around for me in the most positive and powerful way, and the “Tracy effect” just keeps on going. Instead of spending my life in bars, expensive treatment centers, or meetings, I spend time with my family, I serve my clients, I’ve started another company, I’ve written a book, I’ve increased my net worth, and the list goes on.


Attorney at Law

Dr Tracy was my lifeline. While she started as my life vest, I now see her as my guide and role model. I connected with Dr Tracy during a time in my life that felt dark. The situations felt dark, the people, the options—and most of all, myself. Nothing felt good, it felt like the only options were dead ends. After I started working with Dr T, those dead-ends turned into winding roads to beautiful places that I could have never dreamed of. The road to getting better is never an easy task, but with Dr Tracy by my side, living a healthy, aligned and fabulous life became a reality.

Dr Tracy has a special way about her: she helps you connect to a larger concept of who you can be all while being super tactical about what needs to get done now. Dr T believed in me first, which has allowed me to do things I never thought possible and become the person I’ve always dreamed. I now live in alignment with who I am, the work I want to be doing in the world, and with a partner who loves me. Through Dr. T I’ve learned how to take care of myself. I’ve learned how to dig for the truth within me and pull that out of others. The truth be told, at the heart of it all, Dr. T is A truth-teller, who is Connected to a higher power, and a Spiritual mother for those looking to recover themselves and the life of potential they were meant to live.

Quite simply, Dr Tracy knows how to transform lives no matter how difficult the situation and no matter how many moving parts. With an elixir of grace, gumption, truth and directness, she sees the greatness in everyone and pulls it forward. Working with Dr Tracy catapulted the greatest changes in my life. I am not only recovered from the darkest, most confusing chapter of my life, I am truly a healthier, fitter, more successful, and stronger woman because of the work I’ve done with Dr Tracy. Dr T knows how to work with the most challenging parts of who you are and your life—the ones you don’t want to show anyone—and makes it all seem safe and even with a dash of excitement. Work with Dr Tracy, she will not only rock your recovery, she will rock your world.


Executive Coach and Leadership Expert

I’ve run a set of sober living homes and I’ve referred several clients to Dr. Thomas over the years. I always sent her the clients who I knew had the most complex and dynamic issues who would need strategic support. I knew that Dr. Thomas would do “what she always does” and it would help these clients have an easier time adjusting to my sober homes. Without fail, every referral I sent her got immediately better and also began to help me with other residents who needed support in the house. I’ve learned a ton from her by observing the ins and outs of the method she does. There has been a clear distinction over the years that the clients who went to Dr. Thomas got an actual treatment process, coordinated care, always did better in my sober house than others. Every client got evaluated, diagnosed, and treated for issues I would’ve never known they had. Dr. Thomas is a recovery genius and it’s been fun working together with her changing lives, and having her keep me on my toes.


Sober Living Director

Dr. Thomas changed our family forever. She got my husband and I got off the recovery hamster wheel, out of the addiction money pit, and stopped the financial bleeding that was keeping us up at night. We followed her program and it produced results. After years of trying to get our daughter well from a serious eating disorder and drug addiction, we knew the whole game (inpatient, outpatient, therapists, psychiatrists, 12 steps, sober houses) and there was always more we were supposed to be doing. If we didn’t do it all we were petrified no matter how much money we laid out. After the second round of the whole cycle again we began to realize this could go on indefinitely and we had no idea how we were going to manage all of it, and actually able to retire some day.

After a huge relapse we sent our daughter to an eating disorder and a substance abuse center consecutively, after 4 straight months of the best inpatient treatment we could find she relapsed 6 weeks later. My husband was done with the whole thing. As a last ditch effort we followed up on a recommendation that we’d been given months back and that was the break we needed. Things are completely different today. Our daughter is doing better than ever, and we have recovered our sanity. The best way to explain how we feel about Dr. Thomas, is to say that we love her and we know you will too.



I credit my being alive and well to Dr. T and her amazing team. Years of being a severe workaholic and alcoholic has taken their toll on me, and I was falling apart in a serious way. As a smart , successful executive I always seemed to land on my feet, but things were so bad it all of my unaddressed issues were catching up to me. It came time to face the music and get the help I really needed and so although I have a lot of problems trusting, I took a chance that really paid off. After years of rehabs, psychiatrists, medications and many attempts at getting healthy and sober, it was Dr. T and her crew that turned everything around for me. The damage I’d done to my health and my body was inescapable, and it has only been through the grace of each strategic step they’ve helped me walk through that I’m the person I am today. Dr T and her team helped me fully recover from depression, anxiety and addiction, and also from a series of failed relationships and never ending family drama. It’s now impossible for my to torture myself emotionally or sabotage myself with destructive behaviors and I know that I’ll never relapse backwards. Today I can confidently say that no matter what goes on around me and no matter what anyone around me does or doesn’t do, I am in complete control of myself and everything is exponentially better because I am an exponentially better version of myself. There are no words to adequately express my appreciation to Team Dr. T, but I can say that after years of self-abuse in the name of being successful I am finally living a life that is full of real purpose and my full potential.



Meeting Dr. Tracy was the best thing that happened to me in 2017. Dr. Tracy is a world-class transformational specialist and I continue to be blown away by the impact she’s had on my life. It just keeps reverberating. I took a chance one day and got on a call that forever changed my life for the better. When I met Dr. Tracy I felt broken, beaten down and worthless. My emotional problems and an extreme eating disorder had ruled my life for 25 years. At 100lbs overweight thought I would never crawl out of the whole I’d gotten myself into, but all that Dr. Tracy saw was my highest self and my pure potential. She’s makes an immediate impact and sets in motions a transformation that would otherwise take 10 years. She’s passionate and powerful enough to push you past a lifetime of resistance that changes the very way you exist, and she skillfully eliminates all your barriers to health, wealth and success. Most people want your money and will tell you what you want to hear; when right from the beginning Dr. T told me what I finally needed to hear, the years of suffering finally had a chance to be over. In 2017 I went from a depth of hopelessness to living free and focused on my real priorities. Gone is the pain I was buried under for years and in its place is my purpose, finally manifesting in real life. It’s my opinion that the smartest people in the world choose the smartest people to advise them on how to life their most successful ife and if you want one of the great advisors of human performance to help you get to the exact vision you want for your life, then you should have Dr. Tracy on your team of life advisors. I cannot thank her enough for removing all the obstacles to me being a world class human being too. Dr. Tracy is the most valuable asset I’ve ever added to my life, and she’s worth every penny.



Dr. Tracy is an exceptionally talented psychologist who is warm, caring, curious, and fun. Her willingness to be open, authentic, direct, and vulnerable allows a client to safely explore territory that has rarely, if ever, been seen and acknowledged. This can facilitate lasting healing to occur at a very deep level, and makes fully recovering truly possible. I am very impressed with Dr. Tracy’s work and recommend her highly!

Adriana Popescu

Ph.D. Energy Psychologist

Dr. Tracy has helped me through some my biggest life challenges. Whether I needed a friend, a mentor, a professional, or just a laugh, she has gotten me through a lot and helped me recover from addiction so I could uncover my highest self.


Strategic Sales Manager

Dr. Tracy is REAL. A real person, a real confidante, and a real professional. She has the ability to be both intense and light, and knows when the situation calls for either. She will cry for you, burst out in laughter with you, and most importantly, she will listen and understand exactly what you need to recover your self, your life, and your potential.



When Dr. T showed up in my life, it was like the most perfect person I didn’t know I needed dropped into my world right on queue. Our connection was immediate and I didn’t once question that she was sent to help guide me out of the dark and through the most significant life transformation I could have ever imagined. When I’m in a session with Dr. T, it’s like we enter a space of timelessness, as if she has all the time in the world to listen and help me decipher whatever it is that’s keeping me from being my truest, authentic and happiest self. She helped me understand and unravel years of pain and suffering based on many childhood wounds and dysfunctional and destructive family dynamics, and fully recover myself. She promised a life of freedom and she delivered. After completing her recovery program, I’m literally leaping with joy into my new life, having let go of so many old stories and patterns that were keeping me from being me. I’m lighter and happier than I’ve ever been, and I will feel secure for the rest of my life. I’m beyond grateful for Dr. T’s intelligent, compassionate dedication and strategic leadership and support every step of the way.


Strategy Director

Dr. Tracy Thomas took complete charge of my son’s recovery after his 3rd rehab. There was roadmap, a plan, a timeline, evaluations, comprehensive support, and coordinated a team of providers that isn’t available altogether anywhere else. Whatever Keith to recover, it was implemented, leaving nothing to chance. My wife and I felt secure knowing that she was in charge and it was our job to trust the process. A process that looked like a well run orchestra compared to everything we’d seen before. It was a symphony of recovery components working together to accomplish a recovery miracle. Every week there was tangible progress, and there was immediate responsiveness to our son’s issues and our concerns. Along with a level of attentive leadership her clinical brilliance was mind boggling. Finally someone made sense, and we were on the right path.

In the span of weeks we were a empowered collective of experts successfully reducing addiction to ashes, one step at a time. In a short time, Keith was diagnosed with 11 undetected issues that were treated by providers Dr. T coordinated with on a weekly basis. And like clockwork Keith stopped relapsing Keith began to come alive. He got off all the meds, and we nixed the sober companion, cutting our recovery budget in half. As life beyond addiction became a reality our whole family relaxed and my wife and I began to sleep for the first time in years. We let go of the reigns and went on a vacation for the first time in years without talking or thinking about Keith.

Everything else we’d ever tried (we’d spent over 823k) resulted in recurring relapse and more time away from our special needs children. Dr. T is the reason we have our son and our lives back today. We’ve refocused on our careers and our family of 7, having kicked addiction out of our lives. One of the greatest lessons we’ve learned along the way is that you can’t get your family well with people who don’t believe it’s possible. When we changed our expectations, recovery became a reality.


Financial Services Vice President, Boston

Recovering with Dr. Tracy is an experience for those who are serious about recovery. She is loving and non-judgmental,l but holds you accountable so progress is accelerated. She trains a level of self-reflection and self-management that is essential to recovery, and I know without her Method I’d be lost and confused. The results Dr. T has provided have impacted my life on a fundamental level. She’s changed my entire perspective on my world and how I engage in daily life. I used to think that pain, fear and frustration was a normal and something that other people were just better equipped to deal with. I thought I was broken and the only way to get out of the daily experience was through alcohol. Dr. T simultaneously lead me to recovery while completely disengaging me from the identity of an addict; something that I was reluctant to adopt in the first place. The journey of working with her has brought me a sobriety that I treasure, a job that I enjoy, friends that I allow to know me, a healthy and functional relationship with family members, and a joy of waking up each day that was lost to me for many, many years. Through Dr. I now have a security within myself that will be with me for the rest of my life and the obsessive fear of the future that used to consume me is gone.

I used to be in constant pain and fear and I regularly questioned the point of my existence. Dr. T shined a light on everything and provided a path for me to walk out of that pain. I was able to free myself and find the power I needed inside of me. Through what I have learned, I have created a life that is wholly mine. It's not perfect but that pain and fear are gone, and in their place I am peacefully and presently at the center of my very functional life and I’m cultivating more of what I want everyday. I now get to live each day looking forward to what comes next instead of hiding from it. No more stress, no more dread, no more wanting to be dead. And the best part is that I have my whole life in front of me without the title of “alcoholic.”

Dr. T is warm and also very direct. She’s does what it takes to break through personal barriers, defenses, limitations, and dysfunctional behaviors that are generations in the making. But through it all she’s leading you through recovery until you can do it for yourself. I highly recommend working with Dr. T if you’re want to recover from everything that’s been holding you back from living your full potential. Dr. T provides the tools, guidance, and accountability to make the transformation that you think you want, in addition to, the change that she knows will actually help you the most. Working with her has provided me with a life of freedom and fun, and I know all that she has done for me will continue to show up in ways that I cannot predict in the future.


Account Manager

I heard about Dr. Tracy while inpatient at a treatment center I was in. Clients were talking about a therapist they wanted to go to after treatment, and some of them were even going to stay in the local area for a while just to work with Dr. T. Everyone was talking about how she actually gets rid of addiction and it was interesting to hear the whispers of her fan club talk about an otherwise forbidden topic. Right then and there I knew I’d rather get rid of addiction than work on recovery the rest of my life. I’m a professional who was working 65 hours per week and a life times of meetings isn’t what I had in mind. As I was discharging from my 3rd round of treatment at the same treatment center I got myself on Dr. T’s schedule in San Francisco.

Dr. T was willing to accept me as a client but only if I made a definitive commitment to a process and a timeline. She said she wouldn’t work with people who just show up when they feel like it and that we had a lot of work to do to get to full recovery, and then I’d be done. There was actually an endpoint in mind. I loved it. Initially I let fear get in my way because the commitment felt scary and she was going to require me to do the work. So I decided to try it myself and cut some costs. Three months later I’m back in 40K inpatient treatment again, 33 lbs heavier and ashamed of myself. As I was getting ready to go home again I went into my email, signed the agreement Dr. T had asked me to sign months before and booked the first appointment that led to the life that I have today.

The biggest challenge to recover from alcoholism was to recover from workaholism but we crafted out a new life plan that I’m living today. I’ve never gone back to treatment again and I know I never will. I’m sober, stable, and proud of myself for the first time in my life. I switched the area of law that I practice, and I’m finally living a life that I love. Dr. T got me to commit to me, and the rest is history.



Dr T has been the greatest gift of 2017 and the greatest mentor ever.

I'm just part way through Dr. T's "Live Your Potential" Program and I feel like I'm the best version of myself I’ve ever been. I'm just blown away by my development as a person since meeting Dr. T and using her incredibly transformative methodology; my life just keeps getting better everyday. I pray if anyone ever gives Dr. T any negative feedback or discouragement (who doesn't believe that their whole life can turn around just by meeting Dr. T), that she can remember that in a few short weeks, I have gone from feeling overwhelmed and broke, to being empowered, confident, and assured that there is nothing it my life that I cannot handle with grace and dignity.

Dr. T, her entire team, her group training and support, and her Live Your Potential program has changed my life in such a positive way that there aren't words to fully describe just how great it finally feels to be me.

I'm being honest, I've still got some work to do to complete all of my commitments to myself in the program, but from the bottom of my heart, just participating in the calls and doing the work I've done so far, I am forever changed and I will NEVER go backward. I have no doubt that 2018 is going to be my best year in my life so far.

And P.S. I have the longest amount of sobriety I've ever strung together and it was easy, just like Dr. T said it would be. Thank You Team Dr. T. Thank you for not giving up on me when I was afraid to step up and make a change. You helped me have the courage I needed to make the decision to accept nothing less than the life I want. Without your pushing me beyond my fears I'd still be stuck in a hell I didn't know how to get out of my own, and I’d never become the person I always knew I could be.


Real Estate Developer

You don’t meet people by accident. Dr. T was meant to be my mentor. When I came into her program I was sure that she was the mentor I’d been praying for my whole life. She’s part doctor, part coach, part rocket scientist, part healer, and an incredible force of nature that can propel you forward no matter how challenging your struggles. When I first met her I had what other would consider a successful life but I felt miserable. I lived in constant anxiety, overwhelm, and feeling constantly out of control. I felt like at ny minute things were going to fall apart and I was completely unable to trust myself The guilt I lived with for my inadequacies, addictions, and where I always felt I was failing someone, was paralysing and exhausting and I was deathly afraid I was harming my 4 sons by being a bad role model. My marriage was a disaster and I was confused about whether I should stay or go. I’d spent over 10 years in every kind of counseling imaginable but hadn’t gotten any results. If anything all that therapy made me feel like I must have been defective because it just didn’t ever work for me. Dr. T showed me that things could be different no matter what had happened before and I could live with confidence, clarity and ease each day. The thing that attracted be to work with Dr. T even though I “thought I couldn’t afford it”, was that every part of her program is clinical, practical and highly spiritually transformative. Out of all the empowerment I’ve gained as one of Dr. T’s clients, something I know for sure, is that the feeling of living my potential each day is something that I could never afford to live without again. Now that I’m in control of myself and living in my highest power, I’ve stopped all my addictive vices, I’ve lost all the weight, and I’ve become the mom I’ve always wanted to be. Even though there are a lot of things in my life that I’m excited about changing in the future, the fact that I now know I have the capacity to make it all happen makes every day a day that I’m living my full potential.