It’s Time To Stop Traumatizing Yourself

It’s Time To Stop Traumatizing Yourself

“I need to answer that email within five minutes.”

“I need to put on some make-up before we head out.”

“I need to cook the dinner perfectly.”

“I need to be liked by everyone at the party.”

“I need to leave the house on time.”

we’ve all said something along these lines at one time or another

It’s okay, I’ve done it too. But for the past few years, I’ve been intentionally trying to approach these situations a different way. I don’t really NEED to do anything.

And neither do you!

It’s what I like to call everyday trauma.

But I have a method to take on all that madness. Since my rational mind has total mastery over my emotional reality, I focus on the truth. And the truth is this: Not everything can be a top priority and still be given my attention, which I really consider to be my intention.

The rational reality is that what I put my attention to is what is fulfilled and in that way, no matter what I tell myself my “intentions” are, what I give my continual attention to is how my intentions are actioned.

If you want to know what matters the most to you, notice what you choose to attend to or what you intend to do since that’s what you choose to prioritize verses what your authentic self truly desires.

To reduce anxiety proactively, continue to clarify for yourself what your hierarchy of priorities are in life and allow all of your responses to have your intention flow through the attention you give to all the input coming your way (sometimes at a seriously fast pace).

I myself have tried this every which way possible and the bottom line is that not everything can be a priority and almost nothing you’re doing or processing is life or death. It’s what I like to call external input and the abundant demand for you is the awesome economics of the universe.

It’s about the awareness of input, opportunity and the infinite ways to experience life in the present moment entirely as an exploration; not a prescription for being a person.

And in my amusement of being human, I simply shift into the present moment and connect to what I’ve come to learn the real me truly values most; then I compassionately ask myself to choose a priority. All the while, acknowledging that every conscious choice that comes from connecting to the me that is light and effortless is still just an exploration of existing.

There is no “getting it right” or “needing to do this or that.” It’s about living and exploring what it’s like to simply exist. And the only feedback I trust is what feels painful versus what feels light, effortless, loving and enjoyable.

So, no matter what you tell yourself your priorities, goals or intentions are, what you pay attention to is what your living intentions are. I challenge you to be transparent about what you really want your life to be and how you project that to everyone in your life.