Everyday PTSD

Help with PTSD

In my practice many themes emerge that indicate the ongoing collective human suffering patterns on the planet. I experience many people with the symptoms of PTSD regardless if they’ve had an event trauma or not.

Right now the level of distorted survival fear that clouds the lens that human beings experience life through is prolific. It is sometimes startling to me how profoundly people live in and from fear and experience it like they are in literal life and death danger when they are simply thinking….thinking about the past and the future…constructing a reality that is a construct. We all do this so it’s confusing because fear energy is contagious and disorienting.

I want to encourage people to stop deceiving themselves with danger thinking and pushing themselves behaviorally with their lifestyle as if every thing they are doing is survival based; it isn’t. This creates trauma to your body and psyche because it has no other choice but to believe your thoughts and your actions and it is following along with the survival soap opera because it’s built in to our system to respond to danger with arousal (Adrenalin, AKA Anxiety) so you can save your life.

Your SELF is depending on your higher SELF to know if you’re safe in the present moment or not and not to lie to it that some scenario is threatening your life. If you’re relating to the past with a narrative like “I should’ve or shouldn’t have______”….or relating to the future like ‘I need to or I have to______” you’re scaring your SELF. STOP IT.

This collective distorted thinking, survival living, and resulting and co-occurring collective self medicating and numbing from lifestyle trauma presents like every one has PTSD – The Post Traumatic Stress response is the same whether you were on the battlefield or whether you’re chronically worried about whether you’re doing enough so the Parent Teacher Association approves of you. Your central nervous system would appreciate your honesty and the clarity that you are not in fact running the universe and therefore don’t have any responsibility for controlling it, all the people in it and their minds. You can get out of the business of mind control as if you need others to think a certain way about you for you to survive….You don’t. You only need to survive your own distorted thinking about other’s thinking about you and by the way, that thought loop is optional too. Stop doing other people’s thinking for them as a way to survive the danger you aren’t actually in.

In doing so you’ll enjoy life more and need less cocktails and cookies to soothe and calm your SELF the “F” down from the way you’re traumatizing yourself.


Dr. Tracy