Destructive Transactions

destructive transactions

This is going to be embarrassing to admit, but I didn’t always know myself enough to recognize my own value, my own worth, my own power, and ultimately that I was my own source of love. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I, Tracy Thomas, was that girl. Have you ever stayed in an emotionally and verbally …

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Dancing Defensively

dancing defensively

There’s been quite a gap of time since the dance competition and now, but it took some work on my part to process and understand the experience I had during that weekend. Although I had friends and family tell me that I performed well and even placed first or second in multiple heats and different …

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Become An Empathy Seeker

become an empathy seeker

The degree to which I encounter people who practice fear, anger, resentment, judgment, and make the pain of the past a major part of their present (especially while not seeing that they do this) the more I deepen my level of compassion for all humankind. You cannot heal the problems of the world at the …

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Be the Change

A lesson in love

After a week of processing such a tragedy in Orlando, I cannot tell you all in words how much I love, appreciate and am grateful for the community of people that surrounds me, including you. Life can be a twisty journey at times—I’m encouraged to continuously evolve, lead and create a life that I want …

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A Metaphor For Life

Dr. Tracy and her husband

I meet my newly-wed Husband taking a group ballroom class at my dance studio. Later, we would became partners in every sense of the word. In our wedding ceremony, at the very spot where we first met, we both took the opportunity to share with our loved ones what dance has come to mean to …

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A Healthy Life Structure

Give your life some structure

No two ways about it. You’ve gotta take care of your basic needs. It’s kind of a human condition. But we often see it as a problem. After all, there’s a lot of maintenance involved when you’re taking care of a person! You have to feed yourself, put yourself to bed, take your vitamins, go …

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5 Ways to Define Relationships

redefine relationships

Relationships are never static—they are a dynamic dance based on the lives of each individual. What I have found in my practice is that everybody is STARVING for connection. From family ties to love affairs, people are unhappy in all types of relationships because we operate and define them by someone’s ability to meet our …

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4 Ways to Keep This Years Resolutions

How to keep your new year's resolutions

Let’s resolve to go into our resolutions with enthusiasm instead of dread. It’s officially the season of positive personal change. It’s a great time of year with only one downfall—most people fail to turn resolutions into a long-term practice. Unfortunately, this lack of long-term follow-through causes many to fall into the nasty world of self-blame, …

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A Grateful Shift

A grateful shift

Gratitude beats throughout team Dr. Tracy Inc. We operate from the highest level of connection and awareness in our work and daily lives as we seek to be models of health and wellbeing. We are like to live what we preach and we thought, “What better way to impact our community than to start sharing …

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