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Psychologist Tracy Thomas
California Psychologist Dr. Tracy Thomas

Let me take another guess …

You’re probably burnt out because you’re life has become all about trying to fix yourself.

You’re probably resent having to build your life around being emotionally sensitive and the limitations this is bringing to your life.

It’s likely that you're concerned about the damage that your emotional sensitivity is causing you and the way it’s getting even more out of control by the day.

And you’re undoubtedly  angry about the toll this is taking on your health, your relationships, your professional life, and your family.

And what really makes this all “sting” is the loss of precious time that you’re wasting, and  financial cost of not functioning at your highest capacity.

If I understand, and I think I do, you’re totally comfortable with the “cross your fingers” and “wait and see” approach that definitely not working for you.

Of course you are. Because none of the so-called “strategies” you or anyone are using on you have allowed you to live your full potential when it really counts. RIGHT NOW!

I mean, let’s keep it real, when you’re trying to be the treatment planner/doctor/coach/case manager for yourself, how likely is it that you’re going to get well? You’re not trained for it no matter how many podcasts you’ve listen to …

And by the way, you are the one with the issues so why would we ever expect you to be able to navigate yourself out of them…isn’t that the reason you need help in the first place? The logic of you trying to do this yourself is completely illogical and exactly why you’re stuck. And besides, don’t you already have a full time job?


A COMPREHENSIVE and INTEGRATIVE approach is the most powerful way to TAKE CONTROL of your emotions and behaviors Because it’s the ONLY method that treats the EVERYTHING together in an accelerated way.

Imagine: NO running around, spreading yourself thin, wasting your time and resources trying to be your best while you’re life is passing by. No more therapists, psychiatrists, coaches, meetings and doing programs, indefinitely, while you’re supposed to be focused on your real priorities. No loopholes, No inefficiency, no complexity, no mysterious, “incurable” issues that leave you hopeless and more overwhelmed.


We get why you’ve struggled. But guess what? It wasn’t your fault.

You NEVER had the strategy you needed, so it’s likely nothing was ever going to work.

No Strategy = No Results.

It wasn’t you. You had no roadmap. No instructions. So you ended up veering way off course and it’s pretty impressive what you’ve been able to do navigating on your own.

Consider starting over and Totally Resetting Your Life with a new operator’s manual.

One that  eliminates your emotional sensitivity and it’s devastating impact on your behaviors and your  life.

A Total Life Reset© is possible. By understanding your matrix of causal factors, and treating your issues integratively, your whole life can quickly turn around.

Today our methodology helps countless clients to take control of themselves and their destiny, and it can do that for you too.

Our extensive evaluation and accelerated emotional training, quickly unlocks people’s potential and unleashes people to live their real purpose and priorities in just a matter of weeks. THE WAIT IS OVER. It doesn’t matter what happened before. It doesn’t matter what hasn’t worked.It doesn’t matter who didn’t deliver on their promises. Let it go. You did the best you could with the current emotional operating system you have. Now is the time to focus on getting the emotional foundation you’ve always needed. Because this time it’s different. This time you’ll finally make the leap. You’ll leave the invisible barriers behind and leave your limitations in the dust. It's time to turn the page and begin writing a new chapter. A chapter where you become emotionally strong and immune to stress. Yes, this is possible. In fact, THIS IS YOUR DESTINY! The life you were destined to lead where your emotions and your drive are on an equal playing field with no gap between them. When you’re emotionally empowered you have limitless energy. You’ll start chasing what good for you, rather than struggling to swallow the pressures of “could” and “should.” You’ll overcome gripping patterns of self-defeat and learn to jump life’s hurdles like a champion. Along the way, you’ll learn to become your greatest cheering section, you’ll find renewal, refreshment, and rebirth in your life experiences. When you have the emotional bandwidth you need, you’ll stop guarding yourself from success because success won’t feel tiring. Ultimately, you’ll uncover energy, presence, confidence, and courage in the story that’s still unwritten.

Imagine a formula for being
‒ attractiveness, wealth, work, wellness, love & life ‒
that you can efficiently apply to your choices, your actions ... your everything.

Yes, this time is different.

Because this work is different than anything else you’ve ever experienced in the hot pursuit of your full potential.

We help you bridge the gap between striving and struggling, so that you may thrive in your truest transformation – Not the arduous, non-strategic, patchwork, personal transformation you’ve been trying to accomplish when you needed EMOTIONAL SURGERY.

This is a transformation that actually transforms ... because you don’t want a process, you want your life back.


We learn your unique architecture – the codes and keys that make up your emotional, biological, and cognitive self – to show you how to connect to an infinite feedback loop that encourages accountability, follow-up, and follow-through that brings you fulfillment and reward.

Dr. Tracy optimal self
Dr. Tracy Thomas

“Dr. Tracy is an exceptionally talented therapist who is warm, caring, curious, and fun. Her willingness to be open, authentic, and vulnerable allows a client to safely explore territory that has rarely, if ever, been seen and acknowledged. This can facilitate lasting healing to occur at a very deep level. I am very impressed with Tracy’s work and recommend her highly!”
Adriana, Ph. D. Energy Psychologist

When you work with Dr. T and her team, you'll realize that it's really ease that's ready to meet you on the journey to transformation.

It’s obtainable, efficient, and natural. It’s accelerated but never forced. It’s customized and powerful, so it’s guaranteed to get you back on track in record time.

When you’re open to doing this work with us, you’ll give yourself permission to think, feel, and process on your own terms – with a very real set of skills and tools that will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Because nothing is better than filling your lungs, your mind, and your spirit
with the kind of presence that transforms.


Learn more about how Team Dr. T uses your personal makeup — brain and body — to prepare your customized wellness program.


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