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So, let me guess. You wouldn’t exactly say that your life is where you thought it would be, right?

You aren’t living a life you love – definitely not living the life you want to be living – but it’s just this side of excruciating so you just keep going through the motions.


Perhaps you’ve run off the rough road, have no freaking idea where you’re going, and are in need of a new navigation system.

Or maybe you’re just hit a brick wall, and are worried that if you don’t get it together, your potential will be another one of those things you can’t take with you when it’s over...

In this finite timeframe we have to make our life count, I believe all of the above are totally unacceptable.

I see too many people who are just getting through each day, settling for a life that is unfulfilling, to such an extent that they have to anestize themselves with a variety of things, just to escape from the pain of it.

And this is why I’m really fired up!

Because, I was one of those people years ago myself!

And because I know what it feels like to go from struggling to get out of bed each day to being energized from the moment I wake up, I want to help you go from exhausted, empty, overwhelmed, and underachieving, to enthusiastically LIVING your full potential.

Together we’re going to build you up, and strengthen the entire emotional foundation you live your life from. And the best part… it will be easier and more enjoyable than you can even imagine.

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Dr. Tracy Thomas

Dr. Tracy is a truly gifted practitioner. She is insightful, kind and thoughtful in her delivery. She was a huge help to me and I feel lucky that I was able to have her as my therapist.

Julian, Professional Athlete


I’m going to keep this simple – here are 12 interesting things you might not know:

  1. I’m a competitive ballroom dancer. I’ve learned a massive amount about myself from seeing my body mechanics and my “partnering dynamics,” and I also met my husband while dancing. We love dance so much that we got married by our dance teacher at our dance studio, and we performed four different dances at our wedding.
  2. I believe the best way to accomplish ANYTHING in life to extract all of the potential out of ourselves and other people. In my leadership in the corporate world or in the psychology field, I maximize human performance by focusing foremost on potential instead of problems.
  3. I’m often described as “high impact, lightening fast, and enjoyably entertaining”. In other words, I don’t believe restoring, developing, and strengthening ourselves comes from doing some serious, drawn out, pain focused process that becomes another chore we have to check off the to do list.
  4. The greater the challenge the happier I am. Tell me someone has been suffering for a long time with any emotional or behavioral issues– and I can’t wait to get to work eliminating them. I don’t care how persistent the issues have been, I thrive knowing I’ll be the one to fix everything, and that soon we’ll be celebrating.
  5. I was a star collegiate basketball player and still have an amazing 3 point shot. From the time I was five my father instilled in me a strong“practice” mentality and taught me that I could do anything as long as I focused on self-mastery. I was the captain of every team I was on since I was 5 even when it was an “all boys” team at the Boy’s Club in our neighborhood.
  6. I graduated with my first of 3 degrees at the age of 21. And by the age of 23 I was managing 30 people, making well over 6 figures, and had bought my first of 3 houses that I purchased by the age of 29 (one of them including a Manhattan apartment).
  7. One of my favorite memories of all time involves a month spent in Buenos Aires, dancing the Argentine Tango 15 hours a day. I love learning and I love the deepest, most passionate experiences I can cultivate. So spending a month being a follower to the greatest Tango dance leaders on the planet, allowed me to become a great receiver of everything.
  8. From the time I was born I have always seen the best in people. No matter what anyone ever thinks about themselves, from the moment I meet them, since the time I was a little girl I’ve only been able to see the truth about who people really are, beyond their emotional limitations.
  9. I love to design beautiful outfits and interior spaces. Sometimes that means dressing my husband like a GQ model or making the home and offices we spend our lives in, the coolest place it can be. My favorite space I ever designed was an apartment I bought on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I still miss that apartment today.
  10. I am certain that being a person is supposed to be practical, but we just never received the instruction manual we needed. And that there is a practical path to living our purpose and potential, but unfortunately, most people never discover what that is because the therapeutic industry has also bought into the complexity. This makes them a lot of money, but doesn’t give people the results they really need. That’s why people love my accelerated approach because they get fast-tracked to their full potential immediately.
  11. I recovered from a serious eating disorder and liberated myself from ever focusing on weight loss again. I now live at a weight under what I ever tried to achieve, and every single one of my valuable mental, physical, and financial resources that used to go towards this issue are now spent on what is truly purposeful. The freedom I’ve lived with for years now, is the most precious thing I’ve ever created.
  12. I recovered my Self after being told I’d have Hashimoto’s forever. At the age of 30, I thought I’d have to spend my life conserving my non-existent energy and watching every single thing that I ate. I thought I’d never be the person I was meant to be and that I’d be stuck feeling like a Zombie who was 100 years old. By uncovering and fixing the root cause of this issue, I said goodbye to “Autoimmune Hell” and have accomplished superhuman feats of superhuman transformation for countless people who needed me.

    That’s why I’m on a mission to revolutionize recovery from every type of emotional, behavioral, and associated health issues, and give people their lives and their potential back in world record time.

You ready yet? Let’s talk.

Dr. Tracy Thomas


Dr. Tracy Thomas, is a licensed psychologist, an interventionist, and a high performance coach. She knows people and knows how to get results. As a Coach, Speaker, Consultant, Strategist, and Entrepreneur, she turns her clients into leaders who take charge of their own lives and change the very way they exist. And she’s been published and cited in hundreds of national media outlets for her unique approach to mastering life’s twist and turns.

She is the creator of the Live Your Potential© Program where she works with clients – privately and in groups – to help them take control of negative emotions and self sabotaging behaviors, so they can take charge of their destiny.

Dr. T removes hidden obstacles so you can experience optimal wellness, success, and empowerment. Her unique methodology is rooted in understanding her clients’ unique bio-physiological and psycho-social stress factors that lead to survival-based behavior adaptations. Dr. Tracy uses her biological and psychological understanding to unlock her patient’s full potential leaving no stone through her comprehensive and integrated program.

In addition to running her Global Coaching Company and leading her kick ass team of coaches, Dr. T has worked with with top executives, leaders, and celebrities, equipping them with the internal resources to lead their lives intuitively, strategically, and intentionally. With an emphasis emotional empowerment, her clients move beyond the awareness stage of transformation to break difficult emotional patterns that previously disempowered them.

She leads a kick-ass team of coaches in her quest to help people up-level their lives, and has put countless people back on the path to living their full potential. She holds you accountable to take control of your own life but strives to make the process of self discovery and transition as painless as possible.

She knows what it feels like to have Anxiety, Depression, an Eating, Disorder, ADD, Hashimoto's and Relationship issues, and to be unable to access all of her potential. She’s been there, she’s conquered it, and she’s ready to help you do the same.

Dr. T is the author of The Total Life Reset Manual© and The Method, A Practical Path To Living Your Life’s Purpose And Potential©. She coaches, trains and speaks to groups on how to live with the highest emotional capacity You can visit her online at and also follow her on Twitter @DrTracyinc and on Facebook at


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