Dr. Patti Weiss
Neuropsychologist & Analyst

Dr. Patricia Weiss, Ph.D. is an expert in testing, analyzing, and diagnosing psychological disorders that can be functional obstacles to reaching your potential. A pioneer in her field, she meets with clients to get an understanding of their background, struggles, and needs prior to her rigorous testing.

The high quality of her work is rooted in the compassionate care she is determined to give. Patti uses her natural talent and extensive past experiences to turn background conversations into actionable data sets. Her passion for neuropsychology and analysis lies in the ability to find the root cause and provide a differential diagnosis that can help people get the right mental health and neurological treatment. She provides a detailed report of how the brain works that then informs a patient behavioral or clinical treatment plan

With a battery of over 30 psychological and neurological tests and her broad experience, she is a sought after source for neuropsychological understanding and attention diagnostics.


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