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Redefining Depression Ebook

It's Time To Find The Root of Your Depression.

You’re sad. It seems like such a small, three letter word, but when you’re sad, it feels huge, devouring, and all- encompassing. In our culture, we don’t talk about sadness. Even though it’s one of the biggest emotions there is. For some reason, people feel like being sad is a weakness, but you’re human. You can’t escape being a human, no matter how much you try. Everyone in their human life will experience sadness.

It's time to learn:

  • Why depression is part of the human experience
  • How to stop masking the symptoms & get to the root of the problem
  • How to disprove the beliefs that are holding you back

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Based on Dr. T’s approach to understanding your Self, the Total Life Reset Manual is the ultimate resource for changing the mindsets that are holding you back.

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